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International travel is an important factor in the way a lot of companies do business, but planning your business trips to get the most advantage from the time and expense you put into them can make a huge difference to how effective your travels are. Leading Manchester based marketing company Prologic Acquisitions have a lot of plans to travel this year, as they are looking for new expansion and partnership opportunities, and they believe their pragmatic approach to organising effective trips abroad will help them leverage their visits to potential new expansion locations.

While Prologic Acquisitions have not yet decided on a definite country or selection of countries to focus on expanding into, managing director Lawrence Randall has several trips lined up in the coming months and intends to use them to his best advantage.

'We want to make the right decisions when it comes to expanding into other geographical areas, and do what is best for the business. It is impossible to really assess how well we are likely to fare in a given location or whether one region is a better choice than another without doing a lot of research, and this absolutely means making trips to potential expansion sites. I want to be able to get a feel for the industry, the competition, and how supportive of businesses like ours a given place is, and I can only do that effectively by spending time there.'

Prologic Acquisitions now only use their business travel to carry out important intelligence gathering work about the areas they visit and how they may stack up as markets to expand into, but also to network, building relationships that will be extremely helpful should they choose a given area, but may also be useful even if they don't.

'When we travel, we want to make sure we are talking to the right people face to face and establishing relationships with them. This can ultimately help us put together a strong support network that will make any expansion we do a lot easier for us, but also helps us widen our net of contacts and partners in general. Traveling abroad on business is as much for me about people as places, and while it benefits us to learn as much as we can about the market and the way business would be likely to go in a given location, this on its own would be useless without knowing we have the right connections to work with.'

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