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Prominent Effect has taken over the sales and marketing scene in Watford over the past twelve months, and as such has decided to release a statement on reflection, and the importance of looking on both successes and challenges faced over the year in preparation for 2018.  

About the firm -

Prominent Effect has seen catastrophic success over the past twelve months, ranging from high levels of recruitment, sales figures, and personal development amongst the contractors. The company has begun its reflection and in preparation has detailed a variety of aspects to consider during the conclusion of the year.  

Create a "Not to Do" List: Prominent Effect advises the opposite of most self-help advice, by creating a "not to do" list, the firm advises individuals will be able to de-clutter their professional and personal lives. By identifying habits and tasks not to continue in the New Year, helps to clear minds and schedules.  

Create a Dedicated Reflection Space: The importance of taking time to reflect on the past twelve months is essential in planning for the months ahead. Prominent Effect advises an individual asking themselves the following questions:  

Did I meet my goals? 

What have I learned? 

What do I want more of? 

Is there any part of my thinking or behaviour that needs to change? 

Reviewing the Year: Prominent Effect understands that throughout the year goals and targets get modified, misconstrued, and often lost. The firm advises all individuals to take time to take time to review certain aspects such as finance, detailing the significant expenses of the year will help to create an image that is key in preparation for 2018. Prominent Effect also explores how all individuals should reflect on what went well throughout 2017, not merely the failures and goals that have not been met. Taking a dedicated time to look back on what an individual has achieved creates a sense of pride that can be channelled into new and challenging targets. 

Prominent Effect has seen a hugely successful 2017 and is grateful to all professionals involved with the firm, encouraging each individual to continue on their self-development during 2018. The company will continue to discuss goals and achievements with aspiring entrepreneurs in the hopes that the New Year will prove even more fruitful than the last.  

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