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Prominent Effect is a direct marketing firm based in Watford that has an extensive team of dedicated and ambitious brand ambassadors. The business frequently holds workshops and seminars for their young professionals based on self-development and professional progression. As such, the company is planning to provide advice on meeting goals; ensuring motivation and dedication are kept at the forefront of an individual’s aspirations, with their recent statement. 

About the firm -

Prominent Effect advises their team of aspiring entrepreneurs to look at their personal goals as questions to be asked, proven to be a more efficient method of achieving success. Tackling a purpose in this direction encourages an individual to break down their goal into more digestible and achievable milestones. For example, instead of setting a goal to ‘start a new business in the next month’ an individual may ask themselves the following questions such as ‘how might I acquire my first client?’ or ‘What commitment must I consider before starting my company?’  

Prominent Effect understands that re-evaluating the way goals are set, particularly in an ever-adapting industry such as sales and marketing is a method that improves success amongst ambitious young professionals. The firm explores how tackling goals as puzzles, prompts a psychological response within an individual, creating a sense of motivation and eagerness to achieve the goal.  

 The firm provides a variety of question openers to help their aspiring entrepreneurs to help set their questions, and achieve career aspirations. 

 How might I..? 

What if I..? 

What do I need/want..? 

 Prominent Effect is eager to encourage their brand ambassadors to progress within the industry while learning as many professional and personal life skills as possible. The firm continuously provides their young professionals with opportunities for self-development and hopes to provide them with such techniques as goal achieving will help to shape them into the efficient and dedicated industry leaders of the future.  

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