PromotionBox addresses 5 trends that business owners, entrepreneurs, and marketing professionals should be aware of for the benefit of their own marketing in 2013. 

Technology, understanding consumer buying behaviour and finding ways of enticing the consumer are prominent in the predictions for 2013 trends.

PromotionBox Top 5 Marketing Trends of 2013:

1.     QR Codes The two-dimension bar codes on advertisements and product packaging a have been present throughout 2012 but PromotionBox predicts the trend will sky-rocket in 2013. The idea is for a consumer to take a picture with a smartphone which will direct the customer to a website or perhaps download a promotional voucher. A strong marketing tool in the year to come. 

2.    The Colour Blue The top colour in 2012 was Tangerine Tango. The Pantone Colour Institute forecasts a colour that will dominate the fashion industry each season which over the last few years has become a powerful influencer across almost every industry in the Westernised world. In early 2013, Monaco Blue will take over marketing campaigns. "It has stability and depth," says Leatrice Eiseman, the institutes executive director. Blue symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence and intelligence. As opposed to emotionally warm colours like red, orange, and yellow; blue is linked to consciousness and intellect. Use blue to suggest precision when promoting high-tech products in 2013.

3.    Brand Trust Social media also makes it easy for consumers to confirm if a brand really walks the walk and talks the talk. It’s a lot harder to earn consumers’ trust in a brand today, and it will be even harder in 2013. PromotionBox are confident building trust will play a huge part in many businesses marketing strategies throughout 2013.

4.    Giveaways Giving something away for free can be a very good marketing strategy.  To some, it may seem counter-intuitive to give away products and services to build a business; however, people can’t resist the lure of receiving something for free. The word free, as over-used as it may seem, is still the most powerful word in marketing and has a hypnotic effect on people.
Giveaway promotions are a sure way to drive traffic to a website and according to PromotionBox increased traffic leads to increased sales.

5.    Mobile Marketing More people are turning to smartphones for entertainment and to manage their daily lives as these mobile devices become increasingly sophisticated and affordable. In 2010, Morgan Stanley Research predicted that smartphone sales would exceed PC sales in 2012. And according to a report from Gartner research group, by 2015, tablet computers will outsell PCs by 60 percent.

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PromotionBox know that outgrowing and outperforming competitors in 2013 will revolve around providing high quality results through impressive marketing strategies. A growing list of companies will be looking to outsource their newspaper promotions and magazine advertising; PromotionBox makes plans to be in the forefront of many UK brands minds by utilizing these up-and-coming marketing trends throughout 2013.
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