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Property expert and private landlord Mandy St John Davey has launched her new interior design business by creating a new vibe for one of Wales' leading hair salons Ocean.

In the week hair salons opened for the first time in Wales, Mandy's design at Ocean Hair, Welfield Road, Cardiff was shown off to those eager to lose their lockdown hair styles.

Owner Ian Davies said: "I’ve known Mandy for decades and I’ve seen her reach success in whatever she’s undertaken. When I saw that she was creating her interior design business it couldn’t have come at a better time as I was looking to create something new at my salon. Lockdown provided an opportunity to make a big change.

"Her creativity and knowledge is far beyond what I expected. To say I’m happy is an understatement I feel a combination of relief, happiness and complete satisfaction. 

Mandy understood the salon philosophy of people first and foremost."

Mandy, who lives in South Wales, has managed the interior design of her properties for decades. They always attract attention whether the house is for sale or is one of her rental properties.  It was a natural step to launch her new business where she can support people who want beautiful, practical design in their homes or business premises.

She said: "I know the salon very well as Ian is my friend and my own stylist. However I had to consider every aspect of the client's visit at the salon so that he or she felt  valued and cared for. I also wanted to consider upcycling and recycling, working with what we had to create a modern and natural look.

"Although it has been a very challenging time for all businesses due to COVID19 this was a perfect opportunity for a large-scale project which took three weeks to complete. There were five separate areas to consider: front of house; main salon; consultation and waiting area, backwash and colour area, kitchen and bathrooms.

“I wanted to inject a fresh, modern contemporary feel, something that wouldn’t date quickly.  I wanted a touch of class and quality, something that reflects their level of creativity and expertise. Ian has been a British Hairdresser of the Year finalist four times and was the winner of the prestigious signature Stylist Award from the British Fellowship for Hairdressing.  I wanted to capitalise and use his own work as the artwork in the salon to capture and show case this talent."

Mandy St John Davey is known as one of the UK's leading female private landlords and professional property mentor. She is is the former national chair of Women In Property where she is still an active member. Designed By Mandy has been launched during lockdown and adds another string to her property 'bow'. 

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