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A recent article about some of the UK’s specialist property insurance companies, said that the “Policy documents twice as long as a Shakespearian tragedy”. For the consumer it can often mean that they have been lost in the “small print”, however if this “small print” was in an unfamiliar language then this would be a real headache.

Recent research has stated that many owner of properties in countries like Spain are now leaving, there is still a huge market for overseas property ownership from residents of the UK and Ireland. Many of these properties are second homes and others are main residences.

jml and Irish property has acted as an advertising platform for property insurance companies for a number of years who specialise in holiday home, second property insurance and main residence insurance in most European countries.

The advantage of having the document in the consumer’s own native language – English means that the client can understand it. If there is a problem understanding the terminology of the policy, then an advisor can easily be contacted at these specialist insurance companies.

Intasure Insurance, Copeland Insurance and Staysure Insurance are the companies advertising at /  that offer “overseas” property insurance for holiday homes and main residences either overseas or in Britain and Ireland.

Philip Suter of jml Insurance said ”I have personally been using two of these specialists insurance companies for years now and have found them exceptionally helpful when I needed to contact them.

Renewal reminders are sent out with plenty of time to arrange the continuation of cover and one particular case following the experience of using a French insurance company everything has been so straightforward.

However, It is very important if you are letting out a property as a holiday rental to ensure that the insurance covers holiday lettings and possible claims like a renter being injured by falling down stairs or having an accident in the swimming pool.”

Late spring is a time when people often start searching for that dream home overseas. TV programmes on the subject have been aired and buying trips organised. Today, basic research can be done on line, but good communications are extremely important. Once the new home owners have made their decision they need to arrange the insurance. That will probably be the easiest part of the process.

If as a homeowner who is not fluent in the language where the property is located consider moving to an insurance company that “speaks your language”.

jml and Irish Property also promotes holiday home insurance for the British and Northern Ireland markets with companies like Rentguard Insurance, Allystyles – T R Youngs and Devon Direct. Intasure Insurance, Andrew Copeland Insurance and Staysure Insurance also cover this market as well

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jml Insurance / Irish Property Insurance  is part of jml Property Services, the trading name of Jeffrey Milner Ltd. The company is an UK based company that was established in 1979. jml insurance acts as a web promoter  for insurance companies selling property insurance including landlord and tenant rental products, pet insurance, wedding insurance, motor insurance and a range of excess insurance for car hire, van hire and motorhome hire.

jml insurance are part of the jml Group that includes jml Training Consultancy

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