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Challenges facing music lessons

With students returning to schools this Autumn, the safety of the children, curriculum catch-up and student wellbeing will be a priority in schools as they work through the challenges and restrictions caused by covid-19. This only adds to the many other challenges facing our vocal and instrumental music provision following covid-19 including how and where these lessons will be delivered and what lasting impact this will have on the number of students engaging with their school's music curriculum and culture.

Music provision for children's wellness

Covid-19 has disrupted how we teach young children music. We cannot engage with them the same way. Part of the challenge now is that covide-19 can be spread simply by singing or playing a musical instrument in close proximity, but we have a solution and we are passionate about making sure young people can still receive the music training they want and need. offers schools the flexibility of safe and effective learning on both our onsite and online platforms. A routine of enjoyable music making can and must continue for the wellbeing of children.

Positive customer impact

Many teachers and students have already benefited from the use of MyMusicPB and are experiencing greater value during school closures due to covid-19. Marina, a local parent of a young clarinet learner saId: "The system was incredibly easy to use and it's great to have the online practice book to go with the video.

"Music is such an amazing thing to have access to, and particularly in this period of lockdown such a great resource to maintain kids' wellbeing and keep them stimulated.

"I have always thought MyMusicPB is an excellent platform, but it really comes into its own at this time. When the current situation is over, remote working and learning will have become part of our daily lives and MyMusicPB users will be ahead of the curve I think!"

Please visit for further information and to support more children receiving the benefits of an enriched music learning experience.

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