CBD Land is the sole distributor of CiiTECHs Provacan range of CBD products in Ireland.

Provacan is the flagship brand of CiiTECH. Developed in Israel and sold in the UK. Provacan has become one of the top selling and trust brands in the UK.

CiiTECH Ltd is a cannabis biotech company that focuses on discovering, developing and commercializing cannabinoid products for the global market. We do this by partnering and collaborating with leading institutions and companies to realize the full potential of cutting-edge cannabis innovation and bring it successfully to market.

"We want to share our knowledge and expertise in a consumer-friendly narrative, helping people understand what they are buying and putting into their bodies. We strive to present a line of products that are understandable, easy to use and trustworthy" says Clifton Flack, founder of CiiTECH and former co-founder of ICAN/CannaTech.

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