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During the first week of the expansion, the firm took the group of new contractors on a team night out in the Nottingham area to promote relationship building and communication amongst the new professionals. The business treated the evening as a celebration of success and to welcome the new contractors into the Purple Reign family.

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Purple Reign are creating a company culture that boasts a massive sense of comradeship and support, and the firm is eager to establish this early on through crew nights, team building activities and an open door policy.


Managing director, Leopold Johnson is urging other companies to also create a healthy company culture as early as possible after an expansion or inception of a start-up business. As such, the entrepreneur has devised a list of questions that he is urging others to consider.

What motivates the team? Purple Reign understands that what propels individuals is a crucial aspect of understanding a workforce. Do they believe in the brand mission and goals or do they merely require a job? Are they motivated by reaching objectives, both personal and of the company?

Does the team socialise together? Mr. Johnson recognises that individuals who are eager to socialise after the work day and after working hours are more inclined to enjoy spending time together during the week. Social lives that blend well with the company and encourage productivity.

Who is rewarded? Purple Reign explored the concept of reward systems, who is receiving praise? Is it the individuals in higher positions or individuals at all levels that have shown a proactive attitude toward their working day?

Purple Reign is excited to continue building their company culture as they invite more aspiring entrepreneurs into the Purple Reign family. 2018 is set to be an exciting year for the company, with many more plans for business development. The company is always searching for young professionals with a keen interest in the sales and marketing sector that can demonstrate a hardworking, dynamic and motivated work ethic. If you feel that you fit this description, you can contact the company at admin@purple-reign.co.uk 

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