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As part of their domination of the country the firm has recently conducted a number of business trips. 

The firm has recently been travelling across the country to expand their business connections ahead of further development plans for Q2. Managing director, Leopold Johnson has taken a number of high performers back to Birmingham and are planning to travel down to Bristol in the coming weeks. The firm has also had a variety of high profile visits from industry consultants and business owner Mr Johnson has detailed how this has done wonders for productivity, morale and motivation.

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As a response to their recent business ventures, the firm has compiled a list detailing what mistakes to avoid during expansions and travel from seasoned business travellers, in the hopes aspiring entrepreneurs will prepare for such ventures.

Motivational speaker, Jae Scott has detailed the importance of planning; a common attribute that is often overlooked. Although last-minute business trips may arise, it is essential to carve out time for preparation says the entrepreneur. Ensuring hotels are booked, transportation is organised, and business meetings are planned is critical for travel explores Purple Reign.

Alyssa Bushey, vice president of marketing firm RockOrange, solidifies the importance of ensuring time is saved to refresh. Many business trips may be a non-stop period of meetings, travel and conferences, which makes time for Rest and relaxation invaluable. Although business tasks come first, it is vital not to forget self-care explores Purple Reign.

Purple Reign has a number of exciting business venture planned for Q2 and the remainder of 2018 and is excited to organise further business trips across the nation. Managing director, Leopold Johnson has detailed many benefits that can be attributed to taking the firm’s contractors to see other businesses, expansions and industry conferences. The firm is excited about the coming months and what this holds for the firm’s aspiring entrepreneurs. 

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