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James Sweetland, CEO of Havoc Marketing, recognises that in the sales and marketing industry feeling discouraged or deterred by a lull in sales or successes being overlooked can lead to procrastination.

The two things come hand in hand, a lack of sales and procrastination; in a bid to combat the issue, Havoc Marketing's CEO, James Sweetland ran a motivational morning meeting for his team this week in which he outlined four ways to end the tendency to procrastinate.

About Havoc:

Procrastination is the avoidance of completing a task that needs to be done. It involves doing more enjoyable, less urgent tasks ahead of less enjoyable and critical tasks. In the sales and marketing industry, procrastination has an adverse effect because it ends up in an individual carrying out a task in a frenzied manner, reducing the quality of how well the job is finished.

CEO James Sweetland is keen to knock procrastination on the head with any recruits and existing contractors who may be developing bad habits. Here, he shares his top four tips on how to end procrastination.

  • Develop a habit of planning – the CEO encourages everyone at the firm to have a definite plan of how they are going to get something done before they begin. This method helps to develop confidence and increases the chance of success.
  • Ensure to live in the present – the CEO believes that when individuals live in the present, they avoid postponing things for the future because they are not thinking about the future.
  • Create a habit of doing the unenjoyable things first – the CEO states that most people will naturally choose to do the nice stuff first. The only way to stop procrastinating and putting off less enjoyable tasks is to develop the habit of getting them done first.
  • Have a routine – the CEO follows a routine, and teaches his firm's contractors to do the same. By following a routine, nothing is put off, and procrastination does happen.

Founded by CEO, James Sweetland, Havoc Marketing is an outsourced sales and marketing firm that specialises in developing and executing personalised, face-to-face marketing campaigns for their clients. By working closely with their clients, to understand their marketing requirements, Havoc Marketing can create engaging, interactive, and cost-effective marketing campaigns that increase customer acquisition numbers, and improve overall brand engagement. The company stated that it is important to develop these habits to uproot the habit of procrastination without falling into the trap of restlessness.


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