In a recent article by Smallbusiness.co.uk (Workers in start-ups and micro businesses are the happiest, 5th July 2017) research commissioned by the One4all Spotlight Awards found that employees in smaller companies were far happier than those working for larger organisations.

The study, which surveyed 1200 workers from a broad range of industries, found that 31 percent of workers in businesses containing fewer than nine members of staff reported that they loved their jobs. This was in contrast to workers in larger companies, with just 15 percent of individuals working for businesses with a workforce of 500+, claiming to be happy in their current positions.

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Interestingly, the survey also found that when it comes to taking pride in the achievements of an organisation, those working for smaller businesses scored the highest, with 23 percent of these workers claiming to take personal pride in their company’s achievements.

Querencia, a fun and fresh sales and marketing start-up were pleasantly surprised by the results of this research, and agree that smaller businesses definitely have an advantage when it comes to workforce morale and happiness. ‘while larger companies may be able to offer expensive incentives and reward programmes, smaller businesses can get to know each member of their team and understand what motivates them as individuals.’ Stated a spokesperson for Querencia. ‘connecting with people is crucial to building a happy and collaborative community, where everyone feels valued and is given their time to shine and share their ideas.’

Although the young sales and marketing firm is pitted for incredible growth over the coming months, the firm has made it clear that when it comes to company culture, they will always continue to think small. ‘No matter how big we grow, we will always take the time to get to know each and every person within the Querencia community. Added the company’s spokesperson. ‘We will continue to invest in activities and events that bring everyone together, and which forge lifelong connections and lead to improved morale and performance.’

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