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RVS 3.13  brings new features that promise to improve the efficiency of requirements-based testing and other verification activities, including improved requirements traceability, improved support for writing tests as scripts, and improved integration with the Bamboo continuous integration software.

Requirements traceability

RVS 3.13 makes it easy for testers to keep track of their project's requirements and how their testing is going. After importing requirements in multiple formats including Word, Excel, and the Requirements Interchange Format (supporting integration with tools such as DOORS and Polarion), testers can link their test to requirements, and can view and export results that include requirements traceability.

Scripting format for writing tests

RVS 3.13 greatly improves support for writing tests in the RapiTest scripting language, which supports efficient testing and lets testers write complex tests that include features like loops, advanced stubbing behavior, local variables, code injections, and multithreading. RVS users can now write tests directly in RVS's inbuilt script editor, which includes syntax highlighting and error detection, and with new tutorials and comprehensive documentation, it’s easy to get started writing tests in the format today.

Continuous integration with Bamboo

RVS 3.13 introduces a streamlined integration with the Bamboo continuous integration and deployment software. By configuring Bamboo to upload RVS results including functional test, coverage, and execution time results, RVS users can now easily keep track of their project’s progress over time and identify any issues in their code early, saving valuable resources and reducing project risk. 

Want to learn more about RVS?

For more information about RVS, email us at enquiries@rapitasystems.com, ring us on +44 (0)1904 413 945 or visit our website (link below). 


Rapita Systems provides on-target software verification tools and services globally to the embedded aerospace (DO-178C) and automotive (ISO 26262) electronics industries. Our solutions help to increase software quality, deliver evidence to meet safety and certification objectives and reduce project costs.

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