The new variants of the classical brochure holder introduced at this year’s marketing trade fairs, show that display marketing tools can be as effective and powerful as any Facebook or Twitter campaign.

Brochure holders are the emerging new technique to promote or advertise any kind of business. Brochure holders not only efficiently showcase the information and offer an insight into a business but also circumvent leaflets from ending up in the rubbish bin. Brochure holders are obtainable in different sizes and shapes and hence they can hold pamphlets of diverse shapes and sizes. Generally manufactured in acrylic or plastic, brochure holders are transparent and therefore the information, message or sign displayed is easily read and conveyed. The best part about these brochure holders is that they can be cleaned painlessly.

One variant of the brochure holders is the counter top brochure holder. It proves its usefulness for example in situations when a newly launched business is to be showcased at a trade show or an exhibition. How will this business stand out and grab public attention in the presence of the big boys of business? By making proficient use of the counter top brochure holder. This type of brochure holder can be placed on the counter enclosed with beautifully designed and eye-catching pamphlets. Magazines, Journals and other literature relevant to the business can be flaunted in an orderly and creative fashion in these brochure holders.

A wall mounted brochure holder can craft the same degree of charm when placed in commercial offices entailing the details of the products and services offered by the business. These holders should be positioned in a manner to catch the attention of the customers.

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