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The report surveyed over a thousand decision-makers across the UK and discovered that the most notable concern was finding the right people for the role, with 20% of SMEs stating they regularly have trouble filling key employee positions.

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Despite Mr Cote previously declaring a ‘golden age’ of recruiting within the United Kingdom, figures from the recent report indicate that around 67% of small-medium sized businesses around the country are having difficulty in acquiring and retaining top talent. Indeed, hiring and retaining employees has been fraught with difficulties for businesses since day one, but Cote believes the widespread adoption of social technology has ‘changed the game’, so to speak.

“Being a good recruiter in present-day 2018 requires you to navigate an increasingly impersonal arena with effective, and resonating communication. I don’t think there is a true universal acknowledgement of this yet, and perhaps that’s why some British businesses are scratching their heads.” states EAW Consulting owner Josh Cote.

Over the last few years both interest and viability in entrepreneurship have risen in the UK, and the job market of today is an attractive environment for a talented worker looking for a role in the SME arena. This means that many individuals are moving on from their current positions when they feel they can get a better deal elsewhere.

While his words suggest a synthesis between technology and its users defining a new norm for recruitment, one thing Cote suggests British business owners are doing well is understanding the new wave of employee desires. Enviable work-life balances, flexible working hours, and valuable training programmes are commonplace in many small businesses throughout the UK - something Cote believes many of the larger corporations could learn from.

“Although the situation is concerning, I would recommend businesses to keep offering progression opportunities - promote the need for continuous professional development.” suggests Josh Cote, who's consultancy aids businesses by providing strategies for ensuring their companies remain appealing places to work - both for current and prospective talent.

Source: http://smallbusiness.co.uk/sme-bosses-retention-difficulties-2543043/

As a business consultant, Josh Cote works with clients on strategy, planning and problem solving, and helps clients develop business skills and knowledge. Follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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