If we can recycle newspaper, books, used bottles and cans, why can we not recycle out of date electronic equipments, many would ask. Why the hesitation? Why have this clutter? That out of date gadget may well suffice the needs of someone who does not have money to buy the latest equipment or a component from this old gadget could be recycled.

With the pace at which newer and better models of electronic equipments are hitting the market, a whole new market of used electronic market has emerged. One can easily sell laptop, desktop computers, cameras, tape recorders, Cd or Mp3 players, cell phones, or any other electronic gadget. There are single gadget shops dealing in single items and then there are the multi-gadgets stores which deal in all kinds of digital accessories.

Companies like sell my iPhone, sell camera London are online to help one get rid of the old gadgets. Without having to step out of the house and going from store to store to compare prices to get the best deal, these online stores help one to decide where to sell what and the best part is they give a variety of payment options.

So Get online and "Go Green" - Recycle.

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