There is only one mobile number in the UK that spells Red Devils.

Yes, you have read correctly, a mobile number can spell a word/name/business concept/sport club name etc.

Phoning a name/word works similar to texting. The only difference is to dial the ", e or f" you press the "three" only once (the same goes for all the other alphabet characters if you have an alphanumeric keypad).

If you have a Blackberry or phone with a qwerty keypad please read how to dial a name/word on

There is also only one mobile number that spells Liverpool (07548 377665), Tottenham (07868 836426) & Wimbledon (07946 253366)  because each of these team name is nine characters long.

There are four mobile numbers that spells Red Devil because it has eight characters therefore there is an 075, 077, 078 and 079 Red Devil (733 77845) mobile number in the UK.

There are 40 numbers each that spells Chelsea, Man City and Arsenal (as they are seven digits long).

With Manchester United, the Red Devils, winning their 19th record league title and playing in Saturday's UEFA cup final, it is anybody's guess what the two unallocated mobile numbers that spell Red Devil are worth.

It would be interesting to see if the owners of the other two Red Devil mobile numbers, and more importantly the owner of the one and only Red Devils mobile number, will be prepared to auction or sell their number!!

The bulk of these numbers is somewhere in the "engine room" of mobile companies.

When will these mobile companies start recognising the value of smart numbers/phonewords and make them available to the public?

It is possible that smart numbers/phonewords can take off to the extent of private number plates.

More importantly, with the current difficult economic situation in the UK, many business can find a new marketing/brand building avenue by personalising the business telephone number by changing it to a phone name/smart number to describes the business name, industry or location.

Research has proven phonewords/smart numbers are remembered 14 times more than normal phone numbers.

In the era of smartphones it has become standard practice for people to receive their emails and countless other information feeds via applications on their phone. Why then should a personalised number (smart number) have to go to a land/fixed line?

This advancement in technology has therefore created the need for personalised cell phone words.

Do you have a smart number to go with your smart phone?

This new public information website has been created as an open-source vehicle for mobile phone words in the UK to enable individuals, small businesses and cellular companies to exploit this new trend for their own benefit. The intent is for "phone words" to jump from land/fixed line numbers to cellular numbers.

There are many interesting characteristics in phonewords/smart numbers. These are highlighted in numerous articles and information pages on

If this undertaking is successful it will be of great assistance to small and medium-sized businesses (particularly those that are not office bound) to help them succeed, hopefully create jobs and benefit other businesses as a secondary effect.

Further examples of phoneword/smart numbers are:

075 Catering    077 Yachting       0783 Builder

075 22837464 077 92248464 0783 2845337

079 Carports        075 Manicure   0777 Florist

079 22776787 075 62642873 0777 3567478

079 Hyde Park     078 North End 0799 Swansea

079 4933 7275     078 66784 363     0799 7926732

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