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You either love it, or you hate it but whatever your standpoint is everyone can unanimously agree that it is the most critical business skill you can possess. The most prominent business leaders and institutions understand that with strong relationships within a vast network is going to wonders for yourself or business. These individuals do everything they can to invest and build these relationships.   

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Redwood Origins have discussed the most important things they have learned about building powerful relationships that can impact growth and overcome any challenges:  

1.) You’re only as strong as your weakest link

One of the most significant indicators of career success is the size, openness and willingness of your network to get involved. It's nowhere near enough to just coast along with a network of individuals from your own industry; you need to branch out. Meeting with people outside your sphere and getting comfortable with those weak links will pay off in the long run, as they will provide a different perspective. You need to create a network that doesn’t just work for the moment; you need to have long-lasting relationships. Nobody wants to meet up with someone who reeks of desperation.  

2.) Networking isn’t all about selling 

In the grand scheme of things, most people aren’t natural talents when it comes to selling. Some people network in a specific environment to sell a product or service. You cant just focus on shifting your product or service, it reeks of desperation, and you will lack trust and credibility, and people will only see you as someone that wants to get something out of them.  

3.) Relationships are built on trust

Fairly obviously if you want to build a relationship or you want someone to work with you, they need to trust you first and foremost. You have to offer something of value and expect nothing back. As soon as someone suspects you are only using them for what you can gain from them, trust breaks down, and they might be unwilling to work with you in the future.   

4.) Provide a personalised approach to everyone

 It's important to understand that when you’re trying to gain another person's trust, you cannot have a one trick playbook. You must work to earn the trust, no two individuals are the same, and they should not be approached with a generic style. Its worth understanding they are under no obligation to trust you. Saying complimentary things and ticking off a list won't cut it. You need to form personal connection like you would work within a marketing environment.  

Redwood Origins help their staff and contractors develop their networking skills through regular opportunities to mingle with many different people within their industry. Furthermore, through one-to-one mentoring and regular workshops all contractors have the chance to grow and become the best versions of themselves.  

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