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Mr Davies went on to explain how professionals need to set themselves apart if they want to be successful in the increasingly competitive world of the sales and marketing industry.

Last Sunday, the Managing Director of the outsourced sales and marketing firm Rego Interactions attended an exclusive leadership conference, held at the Hilton Hotel in Newcastle.

About Rego Interactions:

The conference attracted some the industry’s most seasoned professionals in the sales and marketing industry and offered the perfect opportunity to develop networks and gain an insight into upcoming industry trends.

As part of the conference, Mr Davies delivered a speech on the importance of leading by example and developing a professional brand to be successful. Here, Mr Davies discussed the reason why entrepreneurs need to set themselves apart if they want any chance of succeeding in this highly competitive industry.

Understanding basic principles such as the concept of a USP, engaging with customers and having a loyal and dedicated workforce that is aligned with the company mission are just some of the ways Mr Davies suggests firms can do more to add value and stand out in a saturated market.

Mr Davies then shared some of the key ways entrepreneurs should aim to separate themselves from their competitors to increase their chances for success and explained that having the ability to remain calm under pressure is the main quality that separates successful people from unsuccessful people.

In a study conducted by TalentSmart, research showed that 90% of top performers are skilled at managing their emotions in times of stress to remain calm and in control.

Mr Davies suggested that this shows that successful entrepreneurs have developed their compartmentalization skills to achieve their desired outcome eventually. During his speech, Mr Davies then urged more entrepreneurs to adopt this approach to dramatically increase their chances of success.

Based in Newcastle, Rego Interactions are one of the most exciting and innovative sales and marketing firm’s in the UK. Their commitment to delivering outstanding customer service has seen them produce excellent results for their clients, while improving brand awareness and brand loyalty.


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