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Based in the heart of Newcastle, Rego Interactions recently launched a major recruitment drive to snag top talent for their business. The increased focus on building their workforce came after a surge in demand for engaging, in-person marketing solutions from a variety of clients. In the last week Managing Director Alex Davies has been calling upon his experience on the frontline of marketing to source candidates with the traits that lead to industry success. In a recent statement, he outlined that central to the firm’s current recruitment drive is to promote the progression opportunities they are offering. Rego Interactions has committed to pushing their young professionals forward and helping them make the most of their skills so that they can secure a lasting future within the sales and marketing industry.

About Rego Interactions:

To attract top talent to their business, Rego Interactions has conducted an investigation into the behaviours of today’s job seekers, so that they can increase their understanding of their target audience. The firm found that according to a study by the London School of Business and Finance (LSBF) nearly half (47 percent) of the UK’s workers are looking to change their current career. In this study of over 1,000 professionals, around a quarter (23 percent) actually regret choosing their current occupation. The reasons behind this lack of job satisfaction were found to be related to earnings, with 39 percent of those surveyed seeking increased salary prospects. A more satisfying work-life balance was also found to be a core influence, as was the opportunity to progress within their chosen industry.

Rego Interactions is on a mission to cater to the needs of today’s job seekers, and the firm is dedicating itself to adding value to the jobs market by focusing on offering progression and development opportunities. To ensure their candidates can make a fully informed decision and get a real taste of life at Rego Interactions the firm has developed a unique three stage interview process. The process offers candidates the chance to take part in an observation day and experience the company’s campaigns in person. This opportunity allows candidates to meet the people they would be working with and understand where they would fit in the enterprise. By experiencing the company culture and community first hand, candidates are able to engage with Rego Interactions on a more personal level than if they entered into a traditional interview scenario.

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