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The winners will learn the ins and outs of the sector from some of the most successful figureheads in the industry.

As a forward-thinking firm that values their workforce, Rego Interactions believes that incentives are a fantastic way to boost morale, raises standards and encourages healthy competition, while also acting as a useful motivational tool.

About Rego Interactions:

Last week, Rego Interactions announced their plans to introduce a brand new incentive for all of their contractors. This incentive will give the firm’s top performers the opportunity to visit London and spend an afternoon with some of the sales and marketing industry’s most successful business owners.

During the trip, the top performers will be encouraged to take their professional development to the next level, and they will receive valuable coaching, gain insight on emerging trends within the sector, and also learn from some of the industry’s most seasoned professionals.

Discussing the importance of incentives, Rego Interactions’ managing director Alexander Davies said “We are particularly excited to be offering such a fantastic opportunity for some of our contractors to learn first hand from some of the most amazing mentors. The skills and knowledge that can be learnt from successful entrepreneurs who have years and sometimes decades of experience in this industry are invaluable, and I’m hoping our lucky contractors will use this as a chance to push their professional development one step further.”

Rego Interactions specialise in delivering highly effective sales and event marketing campaigns through direct, face-to-face interactions. By taking the time to invest in meaningful connections, Rego Interactions can create long-lasting relationships with consumers and build a strong link between brands and consumers.

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