SEO Consultants Weboptimiser will be launching a new monthly package on reputation marketing. The objective is to encourage the overall improvement of websites for sales and marketing purposes.

The first publication is being offered free. Summary of Details are below:

First Publication Level:1

Free Access

URL Gets A Score

Other sites within category identified.

Requested Publication Level:2

Registered Access

Score & Competitive Comparison

Paid For Detailed Publication Level:3

Paid Access: £55, Monthly: £27 

Score, Comparison & Itemisation

+ Monthly Marketing Campaign

Paid For Partner Detailed Publication Level:4

Paid Access: £65, Monthly: £35

Score, Comparison, Single Detail w SEM Details and Glossary

+ Monthly Marketing Campaign

+ SEO position report

Paid For Partner Detailed Publication Competitive Level:5

Paid Access: £95 Monthly

Score, Comparison, Competitors, SEM Detail on each w Glossary

+ Monthly Marketing Campaign

+ SEO position report

+ Topics Of Interest

Thoughts: Qualified Certification

Score, Comparison & Itemisation w Glossary

Our Licence to Score strategy:

Benefits: More sites can be scored

We pay Reviewers

We appoint individual vertical market experts

Enthusiasts spread the word

All levels Enter Into the Overall Rating System

This campaign will target sectors.

First 10, then 20, 30, 40, 50, 100, 1000, 10,000 +

It will be:

Organised by City

Organised by Industry and then niche.

A public searchable site will be created that ranks other sites by these factors and WVI.
We include an explanation of the WVI (Weboptimiser Value Index) and the reasons for the Institute (To Encourage The Overall Improvement Of Websites For Sales And Marketing Purposes)

For more information, visit Weboptimiser at:

Also see the reputation marketing PDF at:
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David White
Web Optimiser
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020 7953 8412