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Increased use of LED lighting by retailers is a great way to enhance product and brand promotions, according to a leading figure in the illuminated display industry.

A study released last month my building research organisation BRE claimed that use of LED lamps in retail stores was likely to lead to an increase in sales.

The BRE's new guide to retail lighting undertook a review of current practices said retailers can implement energy saving and attract customers with lighting displays, such as light boxes.

Adam Vanovitch, managing director of W&Co Design Solutions, a leading supplier of displays and signs to the retail industry, concurred with the BRE's findings.

"LED displays, such as light boxes, are a fantastic way to engage consumers with a brand or a product range," he said.

"Not only can LEDs have great energy-saving capabilities, they also offer massive versatility for retailers looking to add an extra diminution to in-store displays or enhance their signage and brand presence."

The BRE guide recommend that lighting should be included by retailers in-store to help more clearly define their brand identity.

The guide highlighted how in 2011 lighting used in consumed 35 per cent of all the energy consumed for lighting in the entire service sector.

In addition, the study said, lights were responsible for using 43 per cent of all the electricity used in retail with the vast majority of lights used in the retail sector being fluorescent or halogen.

The BRE's guide suggested that use of LEDs and ceramic metal halide lamps would help increase energy efficiency in stores while also providing additional accent lighting options.

"LED signs and lighting can really help increase lighting options in stores," added Vanovitch.

"Signs can be customised with unique illuminated letters, spelling out the brand name, giving it presence. Or if retailers are looking for in-store brand or promotional messages then light boxes can be used alongside other features to highlight particular ranges or individual products.

"Whether it to create a certain mood or to guide the consumer, accent features such as a wall of LED lights can be an innovative and stylish way to produce large scale illumination.

"There is also a huge range of options with light panels, they are extremely versatile and can create an arresting feature for any retail space; from a large outdoor sign to attract customers to more subtle uses in store."

Notes to Editors:

1. Launched in 1993, W&Co Design Solutions is now one of the UK's leading suppliers of high quality displays and signs to the retail industry

2.  Specialising in products with LED illumination, W&Co complements its product range with a professional service team to provide graphic design, large format printing and installation.

3. Clients include British Airways, Boots, BMW, Harrods, John Lewis, IMAX Cinema and Marks & Spencer

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