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In a report conducted by the National Bureau of Economic Research, they discovered that despite receiving an Amazon gift card, customers were not sufficiently motivated to visit the gym any more.

Researchers divided 800 new members of a gym into four groups. The first group received a $30 Amazon gift card after six weeks, unconditionally. The second, third and fourth groups were rewarded for going to the gym at least nine times in the first six weeks of membership (with a $30 amazon gift card, a $60 amazon gift card and an item of their choosing from Amazon worth about $30, respectively). In the first six weeks, those promised rewards made just 0.14 more visits to the gym on average than the group who did not receive a reward.

About Roar Ambition:

The Roar Ambition workforce has been investigating these findings, most recently studying the results on the effect of financial incentives on motivation recall; an observation from Dan Ariely’s 2016 book “Payoff”. Ariely argued that financial incentives are not the sole source of inspiring motivation in people. Instead, a study conducted by Ariely and colleagues found workers who received compliments from their boss performed much better than those who received financial bonuses. The result, Ariely suggests, indicate intrinsic motivation is much more powerful than cash incentives. With this in mind, the Liverpool based firm recognise integral rewards provide far greater motivation when completing an activity, than being paid to do would.

The report suggests that it would be a rather difficult task to push someone into regularly exercising. Especially, if an individual found working out to be an intolerable, gruelling experience. In response to the results of the study, Roar Ambition have shared their conclusion that “if someone’s heart is not in what that they do, it would be unlikely for them to succeed.” The motivation necessary to perform a task more regularly and successfully must come from an intrinsic motivation or desire to do so, says the sales and marketing collective.

Roar Ambition understands that in the world of business, intrinsic motivation is a much more powerful and meaningful tool. The firm believe by offering a company’s workforce this form of motivation, members of the workforce will be better at boosting one another’s morale and desire for meeting company targets. By creating a team and an environment team members appreciate, a company will reap the benefits by gaining a set of individuals who are passionate and enthusiastic about the industry.

Based in Liverpool, Roar Ambition aims to be king of the sales world like the lion is the apex at the very top of the food chain. By combining motivation, determination and ambition, Roar Ambition will stop at nothing to achieve their goal to become the top tier of their industry. As sales is an extremely competitive industry, Roar ambition aims to become the number one choice for outsourced sales in the UK through the unique direct marketing campaigns offered at the firm, personalised to suit the individual needs of both the client and the consumer.

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