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A new website will remember the life and work of Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Ray Thomas from The Moody Blues.

He was the man who brought the flute to rock and roll, the kid from Birmingham (his grandfather a Welsh miner) who reached for the stars. Now the life and work of rock legend Ray Thomas will be remembered in a new website. Fans remember Ray Thomas as a wonderful flautist, singer, and composer.

Featuring links to his work, the new fan site tells the story of Thomas like never before. It follows him from his early life in the Birmingham Skiffle scene, to worldwide success with the progressive rock band the Moody Blues, his solo work, and his later life.

He became one of the legends of rock and roll when he entered the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, just after his death in 2018.

Reacting to news of his friend's death, bandmate John Lodge who had been with him since the beginning said: "Ray and I have been on this magical journey through life together since we were 14… two young kids from a council estate in Erdington, Birmingham who reached for the stars… and we made it together. El Riot you will always be by my side."

Ray Thomas was the founding member of the legendary prog rock group the Moody Blues. He composed some of their best-known hits including 'Dear Diary', 'Twilight Time' and 'Legend of a Mind'. The band was signed to Decca Records.

However, it was with the concept album 'Days of Future Passed' that he and the Moody Blues really rewrote the rules of rock and roll. Backed by a full orchestra, it quickly became one of the landmark releases of the age.

His flute solo on the seminal 'Nights in White Satin' has come to be regarded as one of the defining moments of prog rock.

After a brief solo career in which he released two albums, 'From Mighty Oaks' and 'Hopes, Wishes and Dreams', he stayed with the Moody Blues for 30 years until he was forced to retire in 2002 due to ill health. The band continued without him, but it was never quite the same.

In 2015 he announced to the world that he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He died three years later shortly before the Moody Blues were inducted into Rock and Roll's Hall of Fame.

The website will serve as a shrine for fans of Ray Thomas. It is a place to come and immerse yourself in the story of one of rock’s legend.

It includes a complete run down of his life with the Moodies as well as going into his solo work in more detail than ever. The owners plan to add more content over time and welcome any photos or general contributions from fans. The website is 100 per cent free.

For those who love Ray Thomas, The Moody Blues and all of his excellent work, this is a place to reconnect. For everyone else, it is a chance to discover one of the UK's most influential but overlooked names in rock history.

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