It has recently been uncovered that one of James Bond’s close colleagues has been working at iProsperMedia, a UK digital marketing firm. In Skyfall, Bond was tasked with the job of keeping a list of British agents safe from enemies that could use the information against them. Despite his best efforts, top secret information about the rogue MI6 agent has been leaked.

The firm focuses in finance digital marketing, while the undercover agent was uncovered as Jem Kargi, the firm’s lead graphic and web designer.

Kargi said that he’s better known as Mansur Dimka by his colleagues "down at Section 6." When asked why he would choose to work at a finance marketing firm, the rogue agent stated simply: "I go where the money is."

Kargi went on to say that, like most MI6 agents, he likes the thrill of a challenge: "If you think M is a tough boss, you should try making all our clients, affiliates and publishers happy at once."

Joe Luong, director of iProsperMedia, was perhaps the only one unsurprised by the news that his top web designer has been revealed to be a double-O agent. "The first time he parachuted into work, I began to suspect Jem was more than he seemed," said the director.

iProsperMedia continues to provide leading digital marketing service to its extensive list of clients, including industry leaders in investment like Fidelity Worldwide Investments, Shepherd's Friendly, Complete Retirement Solutions and Virgin Money. With a history of delivering bespoke digital finance marketing campaigns that deliver results,  iProsperMedia remains an industry leader in Savings & Investments promotion.

Watch the Skyfall Trailer here.

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