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Entrepreneur Dennie Smith has launched a refreshing new online dating site for those wanting a more respectful relationship. 

Inspired by her own daughter’s search for love, Dennie decided to set up a site which seeks to connect people who are looking for respect, commitment and love – getting away from a ‘Love Island’ culture where relationships seem to focus on short-term lust and ‘hook-ups’. 

As a mother of four grown-up children, Dennie saw her own daughter searching for love and finding many online dating apps attracted too many people who were not looking for any kind of commitment. 

Dennie, who runs the successful Vintage 62 hair salon in Selsdon, Surrey, said: “I know from my own hair salon that people appreciate the good things from the past – and conversations showed the same is true for personal relationships. 

“We are in an online world and many people do try to meet a partner these days via apps and dating sites. Nothing wrong with that. However I’ve seen my own daughter have bad experiences, people with ulterior motives, judgments made about someone’s look, gender or race, people who are already in another relationship or some who are just time-wasters.

“After researching I found there wasn’t a site out there promoting the core values I believe in for a good relationship. I felt there was a way for bringing people together who want a space to meet people where the need for commitment, romance and good manners is clearly spelled out at the outset.”

The site and app -– has been launched and for an introductory period membership is free. Members are encouraged to try a little ‘old-style’ romance with flowers, making an effort to dress up, go on days out as well as meals out and more tips. 

Conditions for joining up include being over 25 (no upper age limit) and the rest are often not found on other dating sites. Members are visible, each has to provide a recent image which is decent (no beach wear or underwear). Members talk with first names only – so no social media searches can take place without an individual’s express permission. 

Couples who go on to meet up in the real world and share images with Dennie and who agree to be featured in a blog post (sharing some pictures of their meeting) will be sent some vouchers towards the cost of their next date. The contact email is

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