UK gadget company, Money4Machines, has a problem. One of their team lives on a farm and does a great deal of work from home. And the problem? She lives in one of the UK’s rural broadband internet black spots and has to make do without superfast fibre broadband speeds.

But by 2014, Money4Machines’ country girl could be one of those benefiting from a recent ruling by the EU to partially fund local councils laying cables that will bring superfast broadband to some of the UK’s most isolated rural communities.

It’s taken months to reach an agreement in EU courts, but culture secretary, Maria Miller, has finally stepped in and helped secure the go-ahead from Brussels. Speaking to the BBC she said,

“Finally getting the green light from Brussels will mean a huge boost for the British economy. Today’s announcement means that we can crack on with delivering broadband plans, boosting growth and jobs around the country.”

Money4Machines, a gadget company that buys unwanted gadgets up and down the UK said the move could even encourage businesses to move their bases to more rural locations, potentially giving a boost to local economies.

“The government has pledged to have everyone in Britain connected at minimum speeds of around 2Mb/s by 2015. But it’s not all about downloads and using websites like ours to sell laptops, sell your mobile or access the best sell for cash UK rates on other gadgets. The potential for businesses, especially ecommerce firms, to take advantage of low rural office space rentals or working effectively from home is superb. The UK needs plenty of small businesses to give the economy a shot in the arm. Widespread superfast broadband can only help SMEs get off the ground no matter where they’re based.”

£530 million has been set aside by the government to bankroll the scheme, with local councils also contributing. It’s expected all councils will choose a service provider and begin laying cables by summer 2013.

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