Bath, England – 27 November 2012 –With the launch of their new SOS wristband mobile phone, aims to provide safety and peace of mind for the elderly and disabled. Their new phone is accompanied by a wristband and both phone and wristband have an emergency button; for extra peace of mind Easiphone can link the phone's SOS button to it's 24/7 Care Centre.

When an emergency strikes one's loved ones, it’s important that they receive assistance as soon as possible. For customers with the SOS mobile phone, help is just a click away. Life threatening situations can often be resolved if help shows up quickly, but the chances of survival decrease exponentially the longer it takes for assistance to arrive.

Easiphone is a leading source for big-button phones. They offer a wide range of phones with special features. Those features include a large display, large buttons, a built-in torch, a hands-free option, and an SOS button for emergencies. Mobile plans are available for as little as £50 a year for basic service, and the company's friendly and helpful customer service is happy to answer any questions that clients may have.

"The primary goal at Easiphone is to give clients the freedom they deserve, with the ability to venture outside of their homes in the knowledge that the SOS wristband technology will make contact with our emergency call centre if urgent assistance is required," states Michael Kerstein, Managing Director of Easiphone.

Using the new SOS wristband mobile phone will provide the elderly and physically disabled with the freedom to live independently in their own homes. They will feel free to venture out and do the things they love to do and their family and friends will feel secure with the knowledge that if an emergency does occur, help is available with just the click of a button.


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