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A recent article by HBR, ‘The Buying Funnel’ highlighted the challenges faced by merging both the sales and the marketing functions of a business. In most organisations, sales and marketing work closely together and it’s often typical for these two revenue generating groups to be in conflict with each other. This is the typical battle: Sales complains that Marketing isn’t generating enough quality leads whilst Marketing criticises Sales for not working their leads hard enough. 

The challenges are faced because Marketers are often accused of not generating any real sales leads. Sales agents are the ones held accountable for results but often blame the marketing department for lack of direction in their materials and communications. When the two functions do not work together they pass the blame back and forth which harms productivity. At Ventas Central the firm believes aligning sales and marketing strategies and perhaps even merging the functions will help overcome these common challenges as well as improve results for a business. Merging the sales and marketing functions can eliminate the fight between sales and marketing. Ventas Central believes it is essential these two areas perform in unity.

About Ventas Central:

"Lack of alignment ends up hurting corporate performance for many businesses. Our methods mean there is no room to pass blame for ill-performance - we simply must succeed," says Josh Peace MD of Ventas Central.

Ventas Central is an outsourced sales and marketing firm who use direct forms of marketing to increase customer acquisitions and retention rates for their clients. At Ventas Central, the firm are passionate about exposing potential new customers to products and services. Over the last three years, Ventas Central has helped generate millions of pounds in sales through lead generation. This firm attribute their ambition and breath of experience for the results they have generated for their clients.

"A marketing campaign can be incredible but if sales aren't pushed through it is irrelevant. Here at Ventas Central, we want to show businesses/brands that using a unified approach is beneficial for generating profit," added a spokesperson for Ventas Central.

Ventas Central believes their direct marketing campaigns offer the perfect solution for many businesses. By interacting with customers in-person, feedback is received and can be used to improve the marketing approach and generate more sales.    
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