A research firm announced glibly last week that South Korean company, Samsung, could rest easy on their laurels for the Q3 period. They had done it – the Samsung S3 outsold the iPhone in the third quarter, 18 million to 16.2 million.

Samsung may have reported record profits in 2012, but some tech analysts say the lull in Apple sales was due to the launch of the iPhone 5 near the end of the quarter. UK gadget company, Money4Machines, said it’s worth taking the figures with a pinch of salt.

"People started visiting our website to sell iPhone devices way before the iPhone 5 was released. They wanted to get the best sell for cash rates to fund their upgrade, but they didn’t want an iPhone 4S, they wanted to wait for the iPhone 5. The same trend across the market could easily skew the figures in Samsung’s favour. The number of people looking to sell Samsung devices was still high, again, looking to upgrade to the S3 or Galaxy Note 2.

The problem with the figures reported concerning Samsung S3 versus iPhone 5 sales is that the iPhone 5 was only available for NINE DAYS before the end of the Q3. Macworld wrote a very insightful article on the subject which covered global smartphone sales figures and some more specific date information."

Apple is expected to retake the crown when figures for Q4 are reported.

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