MadTax, a debt information website, was launched earlier this year by digital marketing specialists Jellyfish to provide those facing financial difficulty with a pathway to experts who can recommend solutions suited to best resolve their circumstances.

Since its initial launch, have redesigned their homepage to provide more in-depth information to cater to the needs of their users.

To echo this customer-centred approach, Jellyfish and have once again collaborated to create, a microsite that pokes fun at some of the most pointless taxes throughout time. This new site takes a satirical approach towards tax; an area which is in desperate need of a little comic relief.

The site has been created partially in response to the introduction of the “bedroom tax” that was imposed as of April 2013 and met with total uproar. This new tax has meant that housing benefit payments will be reduced to tenants living in council or housing association accommodation who apparently “have more bedrooms than they need”, as they have surplus rooms that are currently not in use. takes a look at other outrageous taxes throughout time aside from the bedroom tax, including tolls on urine to extra tax slapped on drinking straws. The site features a randomised “click-through” structure that presents users with fun and informative facts on such silly taxes that are difficult to believe ever existed.

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