Most of us don't like having to buy insurance. It's a necessary evil. But exactly how necessary is it? Daisy Bell, discount code expert, reveals a key question to ask yourself before you renew your cover automatically or use insurance discount codes to get a better deal.  

"How much insurance you have depends on how risk aware or risk averse you are." she explains. "Some people only feel safe when they're insured to the max for everything and anything. Others tend to buy the bare bones and leave the rest to chance."

When you've only got the basics, say home and car insurance, you're probably the latter. When you own a policy for every possible eventuality – personal accident, life assurance, private medical care, boiler breakdown, car breakdown and what not – you're more than likely the former. If so it's wise to check your cover isn't duplicated across multiple policies before you renew. It's one thing feeling safe. But you don't want to pay for cover you don't need. 

Price isn't always everything. Sometimes a good old fashioned insurance broker is your best bet, especially if you're a person who likes to buy loads of insurance! Or you need your existing collection of policies de-tangled by an expert. Some brokers have special relationships with a handful of large insurers who sell all sorts of cover. You can often get a discount for buying multiple policies through one insurance company when you buy through a broker. Other brokers have access to every policy on the market. Either way, they're experts in insurance and they do all the legwork for you. 

On the other hand if you're an insurance minimalist and just want the best deal on the bare minimum cover, as fast as possible, you can't beat online insurance providers. In which case you're the perfect candidate for insurance discount codes.  is one of the UK's fastest growing discount and voucher code websites helping you save even more money from hundreds of the nations favourite brands such as AA Breakdown Cover, Aviva Home Insurance, Beat That Quote and many, many more...


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