Parents rely on the school website every single day for sharing and accessing critical information about their children results. Moreover, on bad-weather days, parents rely on the school web site to find out if school will be closed or delayed. Teachers use school’s website to post the current homework assignment onto their classroom web pages.

In addition to the online presence, e-newsletters are now the most convenient way to keep current parents informed. Over a quarter of adults and almost half of teenagers now own a smartphone and this means that school news can be picked up whenever and wherever convenient. Similarly, 61% of UK adults use social media and this is another way for schools to keep in close contact with parents.

Creating a school e-newsletter is a way to keep everyone informed about the events taking place for parents, teachers and students. These newsletters let everyone know about special events the school may be hosting, such as plays or concerts, and accomplishments by students and staff, such as sports teams results and academic achievements. The kids will love seeing themselves in print, and their parents will appreciate the updates to help keep them in the loop. The newsletter can even become a teaching tool when students help contribute stories and photos.

A school e-newsletter is also an effective way of promoting schools among the prospective students. However, school brochures are a better way to deliver information about the quality of education and training that your organization provides.

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