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Scyphus, the UK’s leading manufacturer of printed paper cups, will be launching two premium paper cups to meet the needs of today’s growing culture of on-the-go beverages. A thorough study of the beverage market led the company to take the decision to propose 7oz vending cups as well as 6oz paper cups in single wall formats for utmost efficiency in the takeaway market. The new cups will be available in the first quarter of 2018.

70z branded paper cups to match the high-quality vending systems

Vending systems no longer revolve around plastic cups, notorious for entailing numerous damages to the environment. As more consumers and businesses have grasped the importance to replace plastic cups with paper ones, the majority of hot drinks in the UK are already being vended in disposable paper cups. Scyphus has carried out in-depth research into consumer preferences which has identified a 7oz cup- holding just under 200ml- as being one of the most preferred sizes. It represents a better-value proposition to both consumers and vending operators, and is designed to deliver the perfect vending experience.

It is clear that consumers demand a decent sized cup but very often with larger cups, not all the drink is consumed. If large cups do attract a good number of customers ready to enjoy their beverages until the last drop, on the other hand, there are also those consumers who see large cups as unwieldy and overwhelming. Scyphus hence decided to bring the right solution by expanding its range of vending cups by including the 7oz one.

One of the most important aspects of this new single wall paper cup is that it is able to fit into all existing vending systems without the need for any modifications. The solid design made of high-quality paper offers a reliable vending operation, compared to cups made from than alternative materials, resulting in minimal jams in vending machines.

Branded vending cups to offer premium positioning

With years of experience in the food and beverage industry, Scyphus has evolved to offer a wide range of vending cups to ensure that vending machines operate with utmost efficiency. The company already proposes various sizes such as the 4oz, the 8oz, the 12oz, and the 16oz perfectly adapted to vending automats and tabletop vending machines. The new fully-recyclable 7oz paper cup comes to further capitalise on the growth of quality fresh brew and bean-to-cup vending systems positioning themselves on the forefront in the foodservice sector.

The vending market has become the icing on the cake for many businesses not only in the UK but around the world. With the hectic lives of most people today, it has become incumbent that the latter always get the beverages, snacks, or other vending options at their own convenience, whether they are at the office or in public spaces.

To back this business, all the vending cups proposed by Scyphus can be attractively branded with the logo, design, or messages of the company to spruce up business. Robust paperboard is used for the cups allowing perfect printing with the state-of-the-art technology of the company. Scyphus equally offers an in-house design service for those brands that yet have to come up with a logo, design, or punchy message to feature on their cups. Else, eight distinctive custom colours are also available. Attractive and functional, they are ideal to bring the coffee shop experience to vending machines and urge consumption

All vending cups proposed by Scyphus are equally environment-friendly: they are fully-recyclable and 99% biodegradable. Scyphus also takes much care of the health aspects of the cups. To ensure health safety, only food grade polyethylene (PE) lamination and food safe inks are used for the manufacturing of all cups.

Expanding the range of functional single wall paper cups

Another initiative of Scyphus is to expand the range of single wall paper cups by adding the 6oz cups. This decision was taken in a similar manner to that regarding the 7oz vending cup, that is, following a minute research of the market trends.

Holding 180 ml, the new single wall paper cup is very versatile and functional. It may be used in coffee outlets as the 6oz cup is ideal for serving single shots Espresso, flat white coffee and cappuccino. Made of durable coated paper, the cups will not leak but should be paired with paper cup sleeves when serving hot beverages to avoid burns and to make them convenient to hold. At the same time, the 6oz single wall paper cups may be used for moderately cold beverages or drinks at room temperature. They can be used in various locations such as hospitals, commercial centres, schools and offices.

Scyphus already offers an impressive range of functional single wall paper cups that can be adapted to restaurants, cafes, food outlets, or events. The 6oz cup comes to enhance the existing range of 4oz, 8oz, 12oz, 16oz cups. These recyclable cups that can be branded are the perfect marketing tool to place a brand directly into the hands of customers. Personalized with corporate logos or messages, they add a professional edge to any event and create brand awareness in any place. The high-quality paper used coupled with food grade PE lamination and food safe inks reflect the caring nature of businesses towards their clients, while promoting a stylish and yet cost-effective cup.

Scyphus is acclaimed for its strong sense of innovation

Having worked relentlessly with impressive clients such as Lavazza, Naked Juice, Google, Audi, YouTube just to name a few, Scyphus has earned a strong reputation for high product quality and excellent customer service. The new range underlines its commitment to remain on the frontline, anticipating and responding to customer needs and changing market requirements by proposing the most complete choice of takeaway solutions. As a caring and eco-conscious company and investing massively in high-end technology, Scyphus equally bets on eco-friendly solutions; indeed, all the cups are recyclable while the biodegradable range is fully compostable.

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