Dazzle your friends with the range and sophistication of your art taste this Christmas. It doesn’t have to be a weighty investment. You don’t have to take out an insurance policy, or take possession of gold-plated frames. In fact, you can start off at a discounted price simply by ordering a batch of Christmas cards from shop.aignerart.com. On the back of each card is a 10GBP voucher which can be used to make purchases in the online art shop.

Aigner Art’s suite of contemporary oil paintings covers a range of themes, from seascapes, landscapes and flowers to religious scenes. Abstract pieces evoke Picasso and the Cubists, or Jackson Pollock in pastels. Artists in its books find ways to give the traditional medium of oil paint vibrant new twists. Each item is completely unique. Although oil paintings can be copied or imitated, they can never be exactly replicated.

Gustav Klimt is the featured artist, whose kaleidoscopic portraiture has deeper and more difficult themes that belie its gaily patterned surface. Exotic figures are set against backgrounds that incorporate feathered textures, swirling ellipses and abstract cuboid shapes. His pieces ‘The Tree of Life’ and ‘The Kiss’ are currently available.

The usual terms and conditions apply to the offer. Only one voucher can be used per individual, and the maximum order per individual is 20 Christmas cards. Orders are shipped and delivered free of charge. Go ahead and share the gift of art with your nearest and dearest this holiday season. It won’t cost you a penny.
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