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ExorLive would very much like to be a part of the national mind-shift where exercise is an important part of anyone’s life, also seniors. Our approach is to support health workers, both private and public, initiating rehabilitation and preventive activities. Typically, this would be your Physiotherapist, community care centers, hospitals, sports and activity centers etc.

Integrating exercise and movement into patient care will enable health professionals to provide more comprehensive treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of other MSK related conditions. Movement and exercise can greatly impact people's quality of life and overall well-being. This is not only the responsibility of the healthcare profession, but all of us.

Our initiative offers a free licence to access ExorLive until Summer 2018. This offer is for all health professionals creating exercise programmes or rehabilitation plans for others. Thus, enabling hospitals, clinics, gyms to facilitate projects where exercise is an integrated part of rehabilitation and well-being for the public. Exercise plans and videos can be shared using ExorLive.

Notes to editors

For further information, or to request an interview, please contact our country manager Colin Davies on  0208 819 6750. You can also reach him on colin@exorlive.com.

We believe in inspiring people to move, hence we create online software that helps health and fitness professionals, such as physiotherapists and personal trainers, create exercise programmes for their patients and clients. 66 596 users have used ExorLive to create more than 3,3 million exercise programmes – and the number is growing. The professionals create exercise programmes, which they share with their clients / patients through print, email or by inviting them to our exercise app. The exercise app enables the client / patient to view videos of the prescribed exercises.

We create several hundred new exercise videos per year and have finished adapting to all new patient safety regulations, ISO certification etc for the rehab / clinic and hospitals.

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