If you’re a bloke in this day and age towing the wrong side of forty - there’s a very good chance you’ve looked in the mirror recently and thought ‘I wish my face looked younger.’ If this sounds familiar, the good news gentlemen is that you’re not alone, as a recent study at Manchester University found out. According to researchers, 73% of over-forty’s have actively looked online for solutions to bring about fresher and younger looking skin, whilst 18% of men are using dedicated men’s anti-ageing products regularly.

This week, the guys at MMUK MAN have been sharing their own little tricks of the trade to looking younger and we’ve put our top ten picks below for your pursual. As a men’s cosmetic house, it would be so easy to list ten different types of makeup and skin care products that could improve the overall look and health of your complexion. However, in reality, there’s a whole host of lifestyle choices you can make to drastically improve the vitality and youthfulness of your boat race.

Go For A Facial

If you’re able to squeeze a facial into your busy schedule every couple of weeks, the improvements you’ll see in your skin’s appearance will be nothing short of drastic. More men than ever before are going big for grooming and beauty treatments like facials and manicures are dramatically on the rise. ‘We’ve seen a huge increase in the number of men over forty book in for our Face Buff Energising Scrub Treatment’ Peter Joannou told us, who runs an exclusive male grooming salon in the lanes of Brighton. ‘Men are quickly learning how to take good care of their skin and facials in particular are especially good in helping men roll back the years, as they rid the skin of dead skin cells and promote a brighter looking epidermis’ he added.

Utilise The Power Of Tinted Moisturiser

I think you’ll agree that everyone looks better with a bit of a tan. However, ‘constant sun worshipping and sun beds actually have detrimental effects on the skin and in fact speed up the ageing process’ says Shaun Dickson, editor of popular male grooming blog Hishabits. Instead, use a little tinted moisturiser for men to add a healthy holiday look to your skin, without the dangers of exposure to damaging UVA/UVB rays.

Add A Touch Of Concealer Under The Eyes

If you’ve spent too many nights burning the midnight oil or staying up late to catch an episode or two extra of Game of Thrones, your eyes are undoubtedly going to show their darker side. Prolonged lack of sleep is scientifically proven to inhibit the reproduction of natural collagen within the skin. The result? Your eyes look tired, stressed and are in serious long-term danger of not being able to revert back to their best. Proving that a little touch up goes an alrighty long way, MMUK MAN’s Age Defence Concealer contains collagen to not only improve the youthfulness of this delicate area of skin, but instantly hide the appearance of bulging bags and those dreaded dark circles.

Invest In A Good Night Cream

We’ve already highlighted the importance of getting a good nights sleep. But, for gentlemen wishing to be super savvy in the bathroom and beyond, investing in a good quality anti-ageing night cream will do you all kinds of favours, when it comes to putting a more revitalised face forward. Here lies a seven to eight hour window of opportunity to completely indulge your skin in ingredients that are going to help you turn back the hands of time and help your skin fully restore. MMUK MAN’s Anti-Age Moisturiser contains Oatmeal - a tried and tested property in the battle against fine lines, wrinkles and general facial fatigue.

Drink Plenty Of Water

Hydration, hydration, hydration! It’s impossible to say it too much. By taking on plenty of water, your skin’s natural functionality improves tremendously and your epidermis will inevitably end up looking brighter and more youthful. It’s with this improved functionality that dead skin cells are removed quicker from deep within your skin - allowing newer and more vibrant cells to come shining through.

Exercise Regularly

Closely liked to the enhanced functionality of your skin’s multiple layers when drinking plenty of water, regular exercise can have the same age-defying bulldozing benefits. Keeping up your A-game in the gym won’t just leave your muscles catching the eye, but your skin too!

Keep On Top Of Your Facial Forest

Keeping close tabs on your facial hair is an absolutely golden step to success in your trail for a younger looking face. If you’re a guy sporting a hefty facial forest in particular, it’s more important than ever to tame, shampoo and condition your facial forest. Men’s lifestyle blogger and model Timothy James regularly shows his 111,000 followers how to get straight A’s in the grooming department over on his Instagram page, further proving how far a little regular attention to your beardy beloved can take you and your confidence.

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