Managing director Gus Daniels has this week revealed how the firm has hired additional administration and HR staff to help with company demands to source ambitious, enterprising new recruits. "I have upped the intensity of the recruitment process by hiring specialists to help us achieve our goals, as we want to find the best candidates for the roles," the business owner explained.

About Sevenist:

As a seasoned entrepreneur, Gus recognises that not every working professional is suited to the competitive world of sales and marketing, having seen a number of associates fall short due to their lack of passion for the industry. He has specified how important it is to find the correct candidates to join Sevenist.

However, the CEO believes the personal development and training available to Sevenist contractors can appropriately equip and prepare any individual for the demands of the industry. "I want to create opportunities and welcome people from all walks of life," Gus expressed, "This business is more about mindset and a willingness to learn and adapt than it is about a specific set of skills."

With their current workforce delivering some of the best results the company has ever seen, Gus hopes to add yet more promising talent to Sevenist's ranks and believes he is capable of creating exciting opportunities for any individual hoping to carve a career in the industry.

Sevenist is an innovative sales and marketing firm based in the capital. Working with some of the UK's biggest brands the company is drafted into work as an extension of their client's brand. The firm can develop a comprehensive outsourcing solution for brands looking to offer a personalised approach to their customer experience.

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