The grand awards ceremony was the perfect opportunity for Gus Daniels to debut his new sales and marketing brand, Sevenist.

The Managing Director attended the exclusive event in London’s Mayfair, accompanied by four of his hardest working contractors from the new company. His guests included Sevenist’s administrator, assistant manager and two top performing individuals.

About Sevenist -

As always the event was a classy affair, complete with red carpet entrance, champagne reception and three-course dinner. Managing Director Gus is keen to promote the aspirational lifestyle in reach of those who excel in their industry, and this event did exactly that. His guests were able to rub shoulders with some of the most high-profile, influential leaders on the scene. Aiming for the top is one of the primary objectives of the Sevenist brand, whose namesake comes from the number’s symbolic meaning of total perfection.

When explaining the brand concept, Gus detailed how the digit not only symbolises complete perfection but how he also has a personal connection to it. “It has a particularly sentimental meaning to me. I was born in the 7th month, as were a lot of the most influential people around me. I was promoted in the 7th month,” continued the CEO. “The number seven is globally recognised as a symbol of good luck and perfection, and that’s precisely the kind of spirit I want my company to have.”

The seasoned entrepreneur and businessman wanted to incorporate the digit into his new brand, to promote the importance of perfecting every task the company takes on. While the CEO is ambitious his expectations for Sevenist are not unrealistic. Recognising the challenges of the sales industry, Gus simply asks his workforce to perfect everything they start, to the best of their ability.

Sevenist is an innovative sales and marketing firm based in the capital. Working with some of the UKs biggest brands the company is drafted into work as an extension of their client’s brand. The firm can develop a comprehensive outsourcing solution for brands looking to offer a personalised approach to their customer experience.

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