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'Mootu' – – the Skype based counselling and psychotherapy service, has just recruited its one hundredth therapist.

Launched a year ago with just two therapists by 'dot com' entrepreneur John Witney, Mootu is now firmly established as the UK’s largest provider of face-to-face counselling and psychotherapy using Skype video.

Witney, a practising counsellor himself, says that talking to a therapist via Skype has a number of clear advantages over the more traditional method of going to see a therapist in person.

Firstly, he says, your choice of therapist is not limited by your location, and with a hundred different therapists to choose from you are much more likely to find one that’s just right for you.

Secondly, Witney points to the convenience Mootu provides by eliminating the need to travel to and from your therapist every week.

He also argues that another major benefit is privacy, saying that some people may feel more comfortable talking to a therapist who has no connections with their local area.

Witney was co-founder of 'Jobserve', the world’s first internet recruitment service, back in 1994. He sold his stake in Jobserve at the height of the dot com boom.

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