In business, there is sometimes a need to hit the refresh button and revisit the basics. This week saw the firm take the entire workforce to Old Trafford Cricket ground. The purpose was to realign company goals ensuring everyone is working hard towards the enterprise's objectives. With Smarktivity taking pride in their culture of advancement and creativity for their clients, they thought they would take a break from the workplace and make the journey across to Manchester.

About Smarktivity:

Old Trafford cricket ground is an excellent choice for any event, with their vast space and premier services it allows the delegates to feel pampered for the day. Smarktivity is committed to enriching their workforce, and they always look to improve enjoyment levels of any coaching or product training. The mutual respect for advancement and development allows them to maintain the elite workforce that is fundamental to executing ground breaking campaigns for their clients. The luxurious conference suite was the perfect setting to deliver the information, with spectacular views and facilities the venue did not disappoint.

When asked if the meeting couldn't have taken place in their office a spokesperson for the firm said "Sometimes it's good to take the time to wind down and step back, even when business is running smoothly, to refresh. Today was intended as a bit of a breakdown of how we've been doing and a chance to praise everyone for their continued hard work. It was also an opportunity to go over our goals for the company and to give the workforce a feeling of refreshment. I want them to come to work next week with a fresh perspective on business so that they can approach business with fresh eyes and a clear mind."

Opening their doors in Birmingham's bustling town centre, Smarktivity combines three core specialities: sales, marketing, and creativity. In a booming industry which is constantly changing, the firm is proud to ensure innovation and creativity are at the heart of every successful business. With sales and marketing expertise spanning across a range of areas including customer acquisition, campaign management, brand awareness and brand loyalty, when it comes to their business approach, Smarktivity is committed to trying exciting, innovative new ideas!

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