Smarktivity has in place an active business development programme that is designed to enhance and encourage the skills of their young professionals, with the objective of helping them on their own entrepreneurial journeys. 

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In the firm’s most recent development workshop the company have turned their focus to communication abilities, an essential skill within the sales and marketing sector. The firm’s focus is on encouraging the development of conversational skills that will accelerate sales and productivity. As such, the company has detailed their top advice that can be adopted by anyone wishing to enhance their communication abilities.  

Show interest in the other person: Although a simple aspect, it is a technique many people overlook when in conversations with others. Smarktivity advises others to be determined to find an interesting fact about the other person. Many studies have found that individuals who describe themselves as curious tend to have better and longer lasting relationships, often feeling socially closer to others.  

Focus on rewards, not threats: Caroline Webb, author of How to Have a Good Day has explored the concept that the human brain is programmed to limit surroundings for the search of rewards and possible threats. Smarktivity advises individuals to channel the reward searching mindset, and finding something fascinating in conversation can in part do this.  

Ask genuine questions: Smarktivity detail the importance of asking questions about the other person within a conversation, by drawing attention to their individual story. Compelling questions are essential, rather than usual icebreakers. By asking another person about their lives, their brain is unconsciously programmed to view this as a reward, associating the initiator with open-mindedness.  

Smarktivity’s detail one of their brand ethos aspects as ‘We focus on our company culture and make sure our plants have enough light and room to grow! As you develop your skills and blossom into sturdy trees, our jungle will also grow and expand.’ The firm is hopeful that their latest discussion on generating effective conversationalists will ignite a sense of self-development within professionals at the business.  



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