There are rarely enough hours in the day, particularly if one is on the commute for what seems like long enough to actually witness new grey hairs grow in. But it’s okay, when one has their smartphone or tablet to entertain them on the way! Unless of course there’s an email from the boss, and some client brief to look over, and some more emails…

According to research carried out by Pixmania, smart devices may be great for checking our emails, finding the nearest Italian restaurant and keeping in touch with each other, but they’re also terrible for eating into our free time an average of 1.2 hours every day (460 hours per year).

And it's not just the workaholics and tech fans who are glued to their smart devices. The Pixmania study found smartphone and tablet users are considered fair game during their free time when it comes to work commitments, meaning one probably spends about 1.2 hours each day outside working hours checking work-related emails, solving work problems and researching professional issues on their own time.

UK gadget website, Money4Machines, say it’s important make an effort to separate work hours from free time.

"People want to sell laptop computers and smart devices to us 24/7, and we make it part of our working ethos to be available 7 days a week. But we also know our employees need free time. Smartphones make is too easy to be professionally on-call 24/7. We buy used handsets from business customers, and often the ones with the best managed lives have one device for personal use and one for business use."

Pixmania also found we check emails on smart devices around 20 times per day and check work emails on holiday every day.

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