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"This rugged detector enables locations, no matter how remote they are, nor how harsh the conditions, to be monitored day and night without the need for power, cables or wired communications," explained Paul Corten, VPS sales director.

"Each detector has a 35 metre detection range - one of the longest ranges of its kind on the market - so fewer detectors are required to protect a site. Combined with a mesh network to connect to our VPS monitoring centre, sites large and small can be covered with ease, and is very quick and simple to install."

Captured high-definition images are sent immediately to a cloud server for AI analysis, and forwarded to VPS' monitoring centre for a response team to be deployed.

Encased in a light but tough IPX67 housing[1], tested to extreme heat and cold, it captures full high-definition day images, and high-quality night shots, with powerful near-invisible infra-red flash that can identify people at 30 metres in complete darkness. Combined with cloud management, thousands of images can be stored and analysed, and used if required for police evidence.

"The VPS SmartEyez addition to our family of smart security options fits perfectly into our Intelligent Triple Protection service, securing sites with the widest range of solutions from monitored technology, as well as traditional physical protection, such as steel panels and doors, and human intervention, like patrols or surge guarding. No matter how challenging it is to secure a specific site, VPS can combine the widest range of options to find the best-fit solution for every customer," said Mr Corten.

[1] IP stands for "Ingress Protection" and is the International Protection Marking per IEC standard 60529. IP67 rated will remain protected and fully operational in most industrial applications, including those where the transducer is exposed to water spray, rain, debris, etc.

Solid objects are completely protected from entering the sensor, including dust, and it can be completely submerged in 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes before the moisture penetrates the housing.

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