One way to help keep police away from the office and on the beat, is to provide every officer with a Smartphone. That’s the sentiment coming from Police Commissioner Sir Graham Bright who said that the ability to file reports from the street should save constables time, and as a result help make them more visible.

Within the next 18 months, devices will be handed out, following a deal with computer and software giant Microsoft, who also have a research base in Cambridge. This deal follows concerns that Sir Graham had, that he felt officers were spending too much of their time being stuck behind their desks, a concern which he explained at a meeting with city council’s south area committee.

He said: "Within the next nine to 18 months all the police will have access to everything from a Smartphone using Microsoft technology and that will enable them to send in their reports immediately, so they don’t have to go back to base immediately to write the report up.

"They can do it on the beat, in the car park, or standing on the street corner.

"We hope to get more visibility for the police by doing that and we are going to save 38,000 man-hours as well which is a lot."

Cambridge and Huntingdon are already receiving a trial run with 20 officers carrying the Smartphone, although a spokeswoman for Sir Graham said the trial is in it’s early stages.

She said: "It aims to simplify policing by cutting down the processes involved in the day-to day-work of officers and staff and making the huge amount of information we hold easier to access."

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