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Naomi Shefford, Marketing and Property Director said: "With snow hitting the UK most years now, it seems shoppers have got savvy and are preparing their families to be able to get around in the white stuff!

Our like-for-like sales for wellies compared to last year are up by 673% - and we’ve seen a 350% uplift compared to our welly sales for the previous week."

The results also show families are putting children’s footwear first with Shoe Zone selling 28,000 pairs of kids wellies in just seven days, compared to 14,000 pairs of ladies wellies, and 9,000 of men's.

Shoe Zone has over 20 different styles of welly boots to choose from across its ladies, men's and childrenswear ranges. Many styles are also in the footwear retailer’s January sale, where customers can get up to 50% off.

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Shoe Zone, the leading value footwear retailer, sells a vast range of shoes for all ages. With over 570 stores across the UK, Shoe Zone sells over 25 million pairs of shoes a year, equivalent to 50 pairs every minute!

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