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Aalborg, Denmark – July, 2014  Panacoin, an encrypted social media website endeavor launched by an innovative team of young Denmark-based entrepreneurs, has put into motion an Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign to fully realize its dream.

As described by team representatives,
 Panacoin is a "new social media site developed to restore privacy and fill what is missing in today’s social media platforms." This response comes on the heels of such global national security stories and issues as mass online privacy, WikiLeaks, the Edward Snowden file debacle and users’ recent realization that their Internet use is not secure. 

Under development for four years, the
 Panacoin concept was spearheaded by a goal to build a safe network, one where users can meet new like-minded people that share the same interests, connect with existing friends, and discover things without cookies dictating what they can and cannot see, as well as earning "coins" – all while the information remains safe and encrypted.

According to representatives of the original entrepreneurial team, no one besides the individual user has access to that data.

Utilizing a simple, straightforward protocol,
 Panacoin's primary focus is on users and their control of everything they may want or not want to see on the website. A 10-year plan for the project includes features that will be added upon every third month, with Panacoin representing the world’s first website to offer paid social media (encompassing PTV, PTC, PTP and PTS).

As explained by one of the entrepreneurs behind the site’s launch,
"The Panacoin vision reaches far beyond the limited scope of just connecting with people; it envisions a lively, interactive site which serves as a central meeting hub for friendship and commerce, a virtual agora – or place of assembly."

The team are aiming to raise $125,000 (U.S.) through crowdfunding platform, Indiegogo, to enable the team to finish the development of the project, create the app and host the servers out of Switzerland.

For additional information or to contribute towards the Panacoin funding goal visit

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