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The firm’s managing director Hector Montalvo has previously gone on record explaining the benefits of incorporating business travel into his firm’s company culture, and believes the ‘cocktail’ of travel and diversity makes businesses more global by providing a broader service range to customers on an international scale. Mr. Montalvo believes diversity also brings a variety of viewpoints that house a larger pool of ideas and experiences.

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“Just as building up a rapport with people from different locations and backgrounds enhances your network, having a diverse team will only further enrich your business,” states managing director Hector Montalvo. “Team members from diverse backgrounds bring individual talents and experiences, and we are so fortunate to have a team that are bursting with flexible ideas that can adapt to fluctuating markets and customer demands.”

Additionally, Source Marketing Direct believe that team members who come from diverse backgrounds have the ability to upskill those who don’t. They have witnessed this first-hand, and state that one person may be great at generating exciting, out of the box ideas, while another individual may have the necessary experience to execute it - so it’s essential to play on each individual’s strengths and collaborate with the team as a unit.

On Thursday 7th September, Source Marketing Direct celebrated their team night at Junkyard Golf Club – London’s trendiest crazy golf venue packed with flashing lights, UV and loud music. The venue houses a multitude of 9-hole crazy golf courses where groups putt through themes holes containing halls of mirrors, tree houses and bear cages. The event at Brick Lane London was thoroughly enjoyed by the team, and served as a great outing for morale and team-building exercises.

While Source Marketing Direct acknowledges that there are many other outsourced sales and marketing companies within the UK that can be considered competitors, the firm believes that their in-house culture of openness and expression continues to be a big draw for top talent scanning the job market, and an enjoyable attitude to experience on day to day basis.

The firm carry out personalised sales and marketing campaigns for their clients on a face to face basis, and believe that having a team with broadened horizons will assist in their own growth goals for the future, allowing them to cross organisational boundaries with smoother transitions.

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