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In the UK, the increasing number of business start-ups are increasing year on year, statistics show that despite this increase in start-ups a portion of these companies struggle with the rate of growth they desire. 

Source Marketing Direct explores the reasons why this may be. With all new start-ups there is a lot to consider and with entrepreneurs struggling to keep up in an ever evolving market, some of the smaller attention to details are being overlooked.  Source Marketing Direct highlights three details entrepreneurs need to be mindful of:

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Underestimate the challenges – Businesses can often overlook challenges that may hinder their success or ease of which they can provide their customers with their services.  This can include: finances, availability of materials, readiness of workforce and technology updates.

More Competition – If a business doesn’t have a USP or place an emphasis on looking after customers to generate brand loyalty and look after repeat business, as the market becomes increasingly crowded they may lose out on business to their competitors.

No Market Research – Never underestimate the amount of market research needed before starting a business.  Look at all the factors that may pose the business an issue:  location, competition, promotions and overheads.

Source Marketing Direct feels that the UK can benefit from taking a similar stance on failed entrepreneurs as in the US.  In the US if a business fails it’s a badge of honour; it’s that mark of credibility that may even help get an entrepreneur funding for the next amazing start-up idea. But when it happens here in the UK, they end up working in a think tank.

Source Marketing Direct feels that businesses and the economy would benefit from a greater utilised mentoring system, where information and guidance is available to those at a pinnacle point in their businesses development. 

Source Marketing Direct is a London based sales and direct marketing firm that offers businesses throughout the UK a wealth of innovative and effective marketing solutions. The firm believe that the key to business success lies in providing exceptional customer service, and through face-to-face consumer communications, the firm help businesses to build more meaningful customer relationships. These relationships help their clients to boost brand loyalty and develop effective brand advocates, which helps to increase market reach and generates a higher quantity of quality sales. To help their clients get the most out of their campaigns, Source Marketing Direct work closely with young entrepreneurs to assist them in their journey to success.


Source Marketing Direct specialise in personalised services in order to deliver a high ROI to their clients. For more information Follow @SourceLondon on Twitter and 'Like' them on Facebook

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